Spa singapore

Singapore is known for its eating and shopping. Besides these national pastimes island also offers many other facilities for travelers. One of the much needed services to any tired traveler is spa services. Though Singapore is not famous for its spa culture, still one can find excellent spa facilities in and outside Singapore hotels. Most of these spas cater to your needs in an impressive way. After long travel or tiresome day in the city one will be more than happy to use the various services provided by these spas.

spa in singapore

Spas in Singapore offer you hydrotherapy, herbal therapy, full body message, foot message, and aromatherapy. Some of thee spas offer services that incorporate traditional Chinese and other eastern medicinal practices. Counselors at these spas help you choose therapy and services that will suit you most.

Soft music and delightful ambiance of the spa is ideal place for relaxation. Professional working at these spas is experts in their field and will help you drain out your accumulated stress in many possible ways. The bath and message facilities at these spas are immaculate. You will find bathrooms equipped with robes, bathtubs, bubble bath, soaps and lotions of various kinds. Most of these spas are equipped with shiatsu room and steam room. Some spas offer you flower bath as well as bath in the tub full of flower petals. All these operators offer these services in utmost hygienic environment. Some of the spas worth visiting in Singapore are:

o Aranda country club
o Asian Spa
o Aspara
o Essence Vale
o Esteva Spa
o Euclyptous Spa
o Fullerton Spa Resort
o Mayuri Spa Resort
o Spa Botannica
o Retreat Spa

These spas in Singapore offer you aesthetic and paramedical treatments besides regular stress releasing treatments and massage. Some of these treatments include cleansing body scrubs and cellulite control programs. You can ask massagers at these spas for treatment with blended organic natural crystals. The body scrubs help you get rid of your dead cells. As a result you get glowing and lustrous skin. Some of these spas offer weight loss programs. In case you plan to stay longer in hotels in Singapore, you can think of joining these programs in case you have gathered that extra weight.

Spa singapore


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